Gwadar Gymkhana Forges Global Ties: Announces Affiliation with Nottingham & Nottinghamshire United Services Club, UK

Gwadar Gymkhana, a hub of premium leisure and recreation, is delighted to announce its latest venture into international affiliations by proudly partnering with Nottingham & Nottinghamshire United Services Club in the UK. This exciting alliance marks the beginning of a journey filled with shared experiences, enriched recreation, and the promise of warm camaraderie. The affiliation […]

Gwadar Gymkhana Expands Its Horizon: Announces Affiliation with Jacaranda Club DHA Islamabad

In an exciting development, Gwadar Gymkhana proudly announces its affiliation with Jacaranda Club DHA Islamabad, ushering in a new era of enriched leisure experiences in the heart of Islamabad. This strategic collaboration aims to offer members and patrons an array of top-notch facilities, creating a seamless blend of luxury, fitness, and gastronomic delights. The affiliation […]

VG Mills Marks a Milestone with the Commencement of Commercial Feed Production

VG Mills, at the forefront of agricultural innovation, proudly announces the initiation of commercial feed production—a significant stride towards fostering sustainable farming practices and revolutionizing livestock nutrition. In a groundbreaking ceremony held on [date], VG Mills officially commenced the production of commercial feed, laying the foundation for a transformative journey in the agricultural landscape. This […]

Gwadar Gymkhana Embarks on a Transcontinental Affiliation with Geelong Club, Australia

Gwadar Gymkhana, a beacon of sophistication and exclusivity, is thrilled to unveil its latest venture—an affiliation with Geelong Club, Australia. This exciting development heralds a new era of global connections, expanding the horizons of both clubs and offering an enriched experience to their esteemed members. Geelong Club, nestled in the heart of Australia, now proudly […]

Gwadar Gymkhana Embarks on a Global Odyssey with The Royal Commonwealth Society Club of Malaysia

In a momentous stride towards international connectivity, Gwadar Gymkhana proudly announces its collaboration with The Royal Commonwealth Society Club of Malaysia. This exciting affiliation promises a fusion of cultural exchange and shared privileges, opening up new horizons for members of both prestigious clubs. Gwadar Gymkhana, a symbol of excellence since its inception in 1961, has […]

Gwadar Gymkhana Forges Global Ties with Hamburg Business Club for Unprecedented Collaborations

In a groundbreaking development, Gwadar Gymkhana proudly declares its affiliation with the esteemed Business Club of Hamburg, a distinguished institution situated in Germany. This exciting international partnership is set to unlock a myriad of opportunities for cultural exchange and robust business collaborations, marking a significant stride towards global connectivity. Gwadar Gymkhana, renowned for its commitment […]

Visionary Group Spearheads Next Phase of CPEC in Collaborative Talks with Chinese Consul General

In a pivotal move towards advancing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a high-profile delegation from Visionary Group, in collaboration with Balochistan’s premier broadcasting channel, Vsh News TV, convened with the esteemed Chinese Consul General. This significant meeting unfolded promising discussions aimed at charting the course for a more prosperous future. The Visionary Group delegation, led […]

Gwadar Gears Up for Progress: DG GDA Plants Seeds of Greenery at Gwadar Gymkhana Club

On August 18, 2023, Mujeed Ur Rehman Qambrani, the Director General of Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), took a significant step towards enhancing Gwadar’s greenery. The occasion, marked by a tree-planting ceremony at Gwadar Gymkhana Club, reflects the commitment to environmental sustainability in the city’s development. Key Participants: Tree Planting Ceremony: The tree-planting ceremony, spearheaded by […]