Gwadar Gears Up for Progress: DG GDA Plants Seeds of Greenery at Gwadar Gymkhana Club


On August 18, 2023, Mujeed Ur Rehman Qambrani, the Director General of Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), took a significant step towards enhancing Gwadar’s greenery. The occasion, marked by a tree-planting ceremony at Gwadar Gymkhana Club, reflects the commitment to environmental sustainability in the city’s development.

Key Participants:

  • Mujeed Ur Rehman Qambrani (DG GDA): Leading the initiative to enhance green spaces and promote a healthier environment in Gwadar.
  • Ahmed Iqbal Baloch (Chairman Visionary Group): Demonstrating a shared vision for a sustainable and ecologically responsible Gwadar.
  • Ovais Iqbal Baloch (CEO VSH News Channel): Actively participating in the ceremony and supporting environmental initiatives.
  • Members of GBDA: Joining hands for a greener and more sustainable Gwadar.

Tree Planting Ceremony: The tree-planting ceremony, spearheaded by DG GDA Mujeed Ur Rehman Qambrani, aimed at fostering a greener landscape in Gwadar. Trees were planted at Gwadar Gymkhana Club, symbolizing a commitment to environmental conservation and beautification of public spaces.

A Collective Effort: The event showcased a collective effort by key stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in environmental initiatives. The Gwadar Builders and Development Association (GBDA) played an active role in supporting and participating in the green initiative.

Towards a Greener Gwadar: The tree-planting initiative aligns with broader goals of making Gwadar an environmentally sustainable city. As the city undergoes rapid development, such efforts underscore the commitment to preserving its natural beauty and creating a healthier living environment for its residents.

DG GDA, Mujeed Ur Rehman Qambrani, expressed his appreciation for the collaboration and emphasized the need for sustainable development practices. The tree-planting ceremony is a step towards transforming Gwadar into an eco-friendly city, ensuring a balance between progress and environmental stewardship.

Stay tuned for more updates on Gwadar’s sustainable development initiatives and efforts to create a greener and healthier future.

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