Revolutionising Social Life

Gwadar Gymkhana: Gwadar’s first private members club

Fostering business and social bonds amidst luxury and affordability

Gwadar Gymkhana emerges as a haven for enterprising individuals seeking to establish their business ventures in the promising landscape of Gwadar. Providing five-star lodging, dining, sports, and business facilities at subsidized rates, it encourages business growth and camaraderie. The launching ceremony, attended by Lt. General (R) Nasir Khan Janjua, National Security Advisor, emphasized Gwadar’s importance and the club’s role in fostering regional development. Gwadar Gymkhana aims to be a hub that brings like-minded individuals together, fostering collaboration and growth in Balochistan’s business landscape.

A state of the art building in the city center

Spread across 10 acres, Gwadar Gymkhana is a $15 million state of the art project being developed as the biggest privately built project in Gwadar. It is the fastest developing five star social club project of repute in Gwadar which will provide 24 plus facilities to its members. The Club is located adjacent to the China Funded New Gwadar International Airport which is a $230 million project expected to be operational by 2023. Like other historical Gymkhana clubs in all main cities of Pakistan and abroad, Gwadar Gymkhana will soon become the most influential place of social and commercial gathering

Gwadar Gymkhana’s reciprocal agreements forge global collaborations

Since Gwadar is set to become an international trade hub its importance has risen by multifold. It will soon become the center of economic development for Pakistan making it a city everyone will be visiting either to conduct business activities or to enjoy the scenic beauty. Recognizing the value of the city, multiple clubs across the country and abroad have initiated reciprocal agreements with Gwadar Gymkhana for mutual reciprocating use of club facilities for members. The Club’s reciprocal network is spread across Pakistan, USA, Germany, UK, Australia, South Africa, Balkans, and beyond.

Gwadar Gymkhana: A haven for visionaries

Especially designed for visionary businessmen, the club embodies the environment required for the hustlers. With meeting rooms, auditoriums, and conference rooms at your disposal, our goal is to provide you a place where you can solve problems over lunches because the people you will need to connect with will already be present around you. Imagine agreements being made during conversations across corridors and great ideas being conceived while playing tennis.

Transforming coastal tourism

Visionary Group’s ambitious plans in Balochistan

Visionary Group has over 3000 acres of land in the heart of Balochistan. We have beach front locations at Kund Malir, Ormara, Kalmat and Gwadar where we aspire to grow Pakistan’s tourism industry through construction of recreational resorts. Currently we are looking for investors to develop beach view resorts in Kund Malir, Ormara and Kalmat.