The voice of people

Vsh News TV

Running the only Balochi TV News channel in the world​

Vsh News TV is a Balochi language satellite TV channel that has been broadcasting for 12 years. It is loved and watched by approximately 50 million people across Pakistan and in other Middle Eastern, Central Asian and European countries. The channel provides a voice to the people of Balochistan by highlighting the true and genuine issues of Baloch strata across Pakistan in both national and regional languages.

Vsh News also works to preserve the Balochi language, culture, and literature by broadcasting 24/7 news, current affairs shows, documentaries and infotainment programs in Balochi. The channel has stations in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Quetta, and it collaborates with other national and international news outlets for news and footages. Vsh News TV is a valuable resource for the people of Balochistan and for anyone interested in learning more about the Balochi language and culture.


Elevating Balochistan’s potential

Empowering women and talent

Vsh News is at the forefront of advocating for women’s empowerment, emphasizing the significance of education for females and motivating Baloch women to take on roles as TV hosts, news anchors, and executives, contributing to their career growth. The channel is dedicated to events, keeping its audience well-informed and encouraging the acquisition of skills that foster individual and collective development in the province. Through its unique TV programs, Vsh News not only sheds light on the hidden beauty, art, poetry, music, and history of Balochistan but also provides a platform for Baloch artists who have been overlooked by other media. By broadcasting a mix of local and global events, the channel plays a crucial role in addressing the concerns of Balochistan, diminishing the sense of isolation among its people from the wider Pakistani context.

Visionary Magazine: The pulse of Balochistan

Monthly insights into Balochistan's political, social, artistic, and literary realities

Founded in 2004, Visionary Magazine is Balochistan’s number one monthly magazine published by the Visionary Group. It highlights the province’s political news, social issues, art, and literature in English, Urdu, and Balochi. The magazine provides a platform to the talent of Pakistan, to express their thoughts and share them with the world. Multiple Baloch scholars and poets have written for the Visionary Magazine.

Developing Gwadar Pro App with global partners

A guide to engage with the smart port city

During the SCO Media Summit in Beijing (June 1, 2018), CEN, VSH News, COPHC, and PCICL united to launch the Gwadar Pro App. This mobile app, available on iOS and Android, is a comprehensive guide for life, investment, and engagement in Gwadar city. Chinese President Xi Jinping praised it, and Huang Kunming of the CPC Central Committee delivered a keynote speech.
leaders from CEN, VSH, COPHC, and PCICL formally signed a cooperative agreement, committing to jointly develop and manage an information platform for Gwadar, Pakistan. The Gwadar Pro App plays a vital role in sharing current news about Gwadar and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), enhancing awareness among the people of Balochistan and Pakistan regarding the region’s significance.

Times Production

Bridging cultures through engaging content

Times Production is a versatile media production and marketing company, specializing in both electronic and print media. They offer end-to-end solutions for online and offline marketing needs. they have partnered with Vsh News and CEN to produce two TV programs: “When in China” and “The Belt and Road Face to Face.” “When in China” showcases the lives of Pakistanis living in China and their contributions to its economy and society, fostering cultural and educational exchanges between the two nations. “The Belt and Road Face to Face” discusses CPEC-related activities and their impact on Pakistan, featuring interactive discussions between Vsh News and CEN representatives in Beijing. Both shows are primarily in English, with Balochi subtitles.