Visionary Balochistan Media Corporation Hosts Exclusive Dinner to Honor PEMRA Chairman Mohammed Saleem


In a gesture of appreciation and recognition, Ahmed Iqbal Baloch, Chairman of Visionary Balochistan Media Corporation “VSHNEWS,” hosted an exclusive dinner on the evening of September 24, 2021. The event was dedicated to honoring the Chairman of Pakistan Electronic and Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Mohammed Saleem. The distinguished gathering took place at Mr. Baloch’s residence, Aiwan e Iqbal, in Karachi and was attended by a multitude of journalists and esteemed guests.

The evening unfolded as a celebration of Chairman Saleem’s significant contributions to the media regulatory landscape in Pakistan. As the head of PEMRA, Mohammed Saleem has played a crucial role in overseeing and guiding the electronic media sector, ensuring compliance with regulations, and fostering a responsible and dynamic media environment.

The event provided a unique opportunity for meaningful interactions and discussions among the attendees, which included prominent journalists and media professionals. It served as a platform to acknowledge Chairman Saleem’s achievements and commitment to upholding media standards in Pakistan, fostering camaraderie within the media fraternity.

Ahmed Iqbal Baloch, renowned for his visionary leadership in the media sector, expressed gratitude to Chairman Saleem for his dedicated service and significant contributions to the media industry. The dinner was marked by a spirit of camaraderie, symbolizing collaborative efforts within the media fraternity to promote responsible journalism and contribute to the development of the media landscape.

Visionary Balochistan Media Corporation continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative and disseminating information. Events like these underscore the importance of fostering strong partnerships and recognizing individuals who contribute significantly to the media regulatory framework in the country.

Stay tuned for more updates on dynamic developments in the media sector as Visionary Balochistan Media Corporation continues to lead the way in promoting responsible and impactful journalism.

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