Unveiling Balochistan’s Hidden Wealth: Koh-e-Sultan Emerges as Sulphur Hub


Delving into the mineral-rich landscapes of Balochistan, a significant discovery has been made at Koh-e-Sultan in District Chaghi. This region hosts notable sulphur deposits, strategically clustered around the southern half of the extinct volcano, opening new avenues for industrial applications and economic development.

Mineral Origin and Composition: The sulphur deposits at Koh-e-Sultan are primarily of fumaroles origin, with native sulphur manifesting in cracks and impregnations within volcanic tuffs. This geological phenomenon highlights the diverse and unique mineral composition that Balochistan offers.

Strategic Utilization: Sulphur, a crucial industrial element, finds its chief application in the manufacturing of sulphuric acid and other industrial processes. As Balochistan’s mineral exploration unfolds, the sulphur deposits at Koh-e-Sultan stand out as a valuable resource for supporting various sectors reliant on this elemental component.

Economic Implications: The strategic location of these sulphur deposits in District Chaghi positions Balochistan as a potential hub for sulphur-related industrial activities. The economic implications of harnessing this resource are substantial, contributing to the province’s overall economic growth.

As Balochistan’s mineral potential continues to be unveiled, Koh-e-Sultan emerges as a beacon of possibilities, reflecting the untapped wealth that lies beneath the province’s surface. Stay tuned for more updates as we explore the myriad minerals that shape Balochistan’s future.

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