Surge in Pakistan-China Trade: Commercial Counsellor Highlights Export Growth and Emphasizes Brand Building


In a significant development, Commercial Counsellor Badar uz Zaman from the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing expressed satisfaction over the remarkable increase in exports from Pakistan to China during the first half of 2021. Zaman highlighted the need for Pakistani exporters to focus on establishing strong brands, aiming to captivate Chinese customers and further augment exports to the Chinese market.

During the first six months of the current fiscal year, China’s exports to Pakistan also experienced a substantial uptick, witnessing a notable 48 percent increase. The total value of Chinese exports to Pakistan reached $10.87 billion, demonstrating a significant surge compared to the preceding year, which recorded $7.35 billion.

Textiles, seafood, and agricultural products emerged as key contributors to the growing trade dynamics between the two countries. Year-on-year growth in these major product categories has played a pivotal role in boosting Pakistan’s economic recovery and amplifying its overall exports to China.

Commercial Counsellor Badar uz Zaman underscored the importance of establishing robust and recognizable brands, as this strategic approach is expected to enhance the appeal of Pakistani products in the competitive Chinese market. The emphasis on brand building aligns with the goal of fostering sustainable and long-term partnerships between Pakistani exporters and their Chinese counterparts.

The surge in bilateral trade between Pakistan and China not only signifies the resilience of both economies but also reflects the potential for further collaboration and mutual economic growth. As the trade relationship continues to strengthen, it is anticipated that the diversification and quality improvement of Pakistani exports will contribute significantly to sustaining this positive momentum.

Stay tuned for more updates on the evolving dynamics of Pakistan-China trade, as Commercial Counsellor Badar uz Zaman’s insights shed light on the avenues for growth and cooperation between the two nations.

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