Strengthening Ties: IBA’s Acting Rector Meets Chairman Visionary Group Pakistan


In a bid to foster collaboration and enhance educational synergies, the Acting Rector, Professor, and Dean of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) – CBM, Prof. Dr. Tariq Soomro, paid a visit to Ahmed Iqbal Baloch, the esteemed Chairman of Visionary Group Pakistan. The meeting took place at the Visionary Group Head Office in Karachi.

The interaction between the academic leadership of IBA and Chairman Ahmed Iqbal Baloch signifies a commitment to advancing educational initiatives and exploring avenues for mutual cooperation. IBA, known for its academic excellence, and Visionary Group, a trailblazer in various sectors, share a common goal of contributing to the educational landscape of Pakistan.

During the meeting, discussions centered around potential collaborations, academic partnerships, and the exchange of ideas to further elevate the quality of education and research in the country. Both entities expressed their dedication to creating meaningful opportunities for students and professionals alike.

As the partnership between IBA and Visionary Group takes shape, it holds the promise of creating a positive impact on the educational ecosystem, empowering students, and fostering innovation. Stay tuned for further updates on this dynamic collaboration that aims to shape the future of education in Pakistan.

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