Robust Surge in Pakistan’s Exports to China Sparks Optimism for Bilateral Trade Growth


In a promising development, the first half of 2021 has witnessed a remarkable surge in Pakistan’s exports to China, prompting Commercial Counsellor, Badar uz Zaman, from the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing to express satisfaction. Comparing the data with the corresponding period last year, Zaman highlighted the need for Pakistani exporters to focus on establishing strong brands, a crucial factor in attracting Chinese customers and further amplifying export volumes to China.

The upward trajectory is evident as Pakistan’s exports to China registered a substantial increase, contributing to the overall growth in bilateral trade. Zaman shared that in the first half of this fiscal year, China’s export to Pakistan also experienced a notable uptick, marking a 48 percent increase. The export figures reached $10.87 billion, a significant leap from the previous year’s $7.35 billion.

Textiles, seafood, and agricultural products emerged as major contributors to the burgeoning trade between the two nations. The year-on-year growth in these key sectors has not only bolstered Pakistan’s economic recovery but has also played a pivotal role in enhancing its export capabilities to the Chinese market.

As both countries continue to strengthen their economic ties, the surge in trade activities sets a positive tone for the future. The emphasis on developing reputable brands aligns with the evolving dynamics of the global marketplace and positions Pakistani exporters to tap into the vast opportunities presented by the Chinese market.

Stay tuned for ongoing coverage and analysis as Pakistan and China navigate the evolving landscape of bilateral trade, fostering economic growth and mutual prosperity.

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