Rising Star: Balochistan’s Naaz Gull Clinches Gold in Shotokan, Gains Recognition on Global Stage


In a testament to her dedication and prowess, Naaz Gull, a remarkable athlete from Balochistan, has emerged as Pakistan’s Gold Medalist in Shotokan, a disciplined branch of Karate founded in Japan in 1936. Gull’s remarkable journey has seen her compete in numerous international matches, showcasing her skills on diverse platforms in Dubai, India, Azerbaijan, and Sri Lanka.

Naaz Gull’s commitment to excelling in the world of martial arts is not only reflected in her achievements but also in her continuous efforts to bring glory to her country. Her stellar performances have earned her a nomination for the prestigious Balochistan Excellence Award, recognizing her outstanding contributions to sports.

Beyond her accomplishments in Shotokan, Naaz Gull is a multitalented athlete, proving her mettle in both badminton and table tennis. Her achievements include a Silver Medal in the College Badminton Championship and another Silver Medal in the Balochistan Inter-University Table Tennis competition.

Naaz Gull’s journey is a testament to the resilience and determination of Balochistan’s youth, who continue to shine in various fields on both national and international stages. Her commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes in the region and underscores the rich talent pool that Balochistan contributes to the world of sports.

As Naaz Gull continues to make strides in her athletic career, her achievements stand as a source of pride for Balochistan and the entire nation. Stay tuned for updates on Naaz Gull’s future endeavors as she strives for even greater heights in the realm of sports.

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