Razia Bano: Lyari’s Trailblazing Boxer Aiming for Olympic Glory


In the heart of Lyari, a historic neighborhood known for its resilience and sporting spirit, emerges a remarkable talent breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes – meet Razia Bano, the trailblazing female boxer from Lyari’s renowned Kakri Ground. At just a young age, Razia has set her sights on an ambitious goal – winning Olympic gold.

Razia Bano, part of Moosa Qambrani’s all-boys boxing club, has defied societal norms and gender stereotypes to pursue her passion for boxing. The teen athlete’s journey is not only a testament to her skill and determination but also a reflection of the supportive environment fostered by her family, particularly her mother. “I told my mother I wanted to become a professional boxer; she was very supportive. She said if I want to do it, I should go for it,” shared Razia Bano.

Remarkably, Razia has already etched her name in history as the first National Women Boxing Champion of Pakistan. Her achievements extend beyond national borders, as she proudly represents Pakistan on the international stage. Razia Bano holds the distinction of being the first female boxer to represent the country at international competitions, showcasing her prowess and dedication to the sport.

As Lyari continues to be a breeding ground for sporting talent and resilience, Razia Bano’s story stands out as an inspiration for aspiring athletes, particularly young girls challenging societal norms. Her pursuit of Olympic gold symbolizes the heights that determination, talent, and unwavering support can achieve.

Stay tuned for more updates on Razia Bano’s journey as she continues to make waves in the world of boxing, carrying the hopes and dreams of a community that believes in the transformative power of sports.

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