Progress on Dasu Hydropower Project Continues Amidst Investigation into Tragic Bus Incident


In a significant development, the Chinese firm overseeing the Dasu hydropower project has affirmed its commitment to the project’s ongoing construction, despite the recent tragic incident that claimed the lives of nine Chinese workers in a bus accident in Upper Kohistan district. The announcement was made on Saturday, coinciding with a visit from a Chinese investigation team tasked with inspecting the site and gathering crucial information related to the incident.

The incident, which occurred earlier this week, prompted an immediate response from both Chinese and Pakistani authorities. The tragic bus accident in Upper Kohistan district led to the loss of nine precious lives, and the subsequent investigation aims to determine the circumstances and causes surrounding the unfortunate event.

The Chinese firm involved in the Dasu hydropower project, undeterred by the tragic incident, has expressed its determination to press forward with the construction work. This decision underscores the resilience and commitment of the project’s stakeholders to overcoming challenges and ensuring the project’s successful completion.

The visiting Chinese investigation team, comprised of experts in various relevant fields, is conducting a thorough examination of the incident site. Their findings will contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the factors leading to the bus tragedy and guide future measures to enhance safety protocols.

As both nations collaborate to investigate and address the aftermath of the incident, the continuation of work on the Dasu hydropower project signals a collective commitment to advancing infrastructure development and bilateral cooperation.

Stay tuned for further updates as the investigation progresses and the Dasu hydropower project remains a focal point for joint efforts aimed at ensuring the safety and success of this critical venture.

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