Fostering Economic Collaboration: Visionary Group Chairman and COPHC Chairman Explore Business Opportunities in Gwadar


In a pivotal meeting that underscores the commitment to Gwadar’s economic growth, Chairman Visionary Group, Ahmed Iqbal Baloch, and Chairman of China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC), Zhang Baozhong, engaged in a detailed discussion on the burgeoning business opportunities within Gwadar. The meeting, held at the Business Centre in Gwadar, brought together key stakeholders to explore avenues for further economic collaboration.

During the discussion, Chairman Zhang Baozhong expressed unwavering confidence in Gwadar’s unstoppable growth trajectory, foreseeing it as a future hub of industrialization and progress. He highlighted the substantial investments made by Chinese investors and the Chinese Government in the city, emphasizing the city’s potential for attracting more investments, particularly within the Gwadar Free Zone.

Chairman Ahmed Iqbal Baloch echoed the sentiments of collaboration and shared optimism for Gwadar’s prosperous future. The exchange of ideas and insights during the meeting aimed to pave the way for increased cooperation between Visionary Group and COPHC, fostering an environment conducive to economic development and mutually beneficial business ventures.

The presence of Chief Operating Officer (COO) Shahmir Ahsanullah and Executive Director (ED) Maryam Baloch from Gwadar Gymkhana added a multifaceted perspective to the dialogue. Their involvement showcased the integrated approach to community development, blending economic initiatives with recreational and cultural endeavors.

As the meeting concluded, both Chairmen reaffirmed their commitment to nurturing Gwadar’s economic potential and creating an environment that attracts investors to participate in the ongoing development projects, especially within the Free Zone. The collaborative efforts between Visionary Group and COPHC underscore a shared vision for Gwadar’s emergence as a key player in the regional economic landscape.

Stay tuned for updates on the collaborative projects and initiatives that will unfold from this strategic partnership, contributing to the continued economic growth and prosperity of Gwadar.

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