Deedar Mengal’s Entrepreneurial Journey: Empowering Baloch Women Through Craft and Commerce


In the heart of Balochistan, Deedar Mengal’s transformative journey from a social worker to a pioneering entrepreneur is rewriting the narrative for countless women and their families. Fueled by a deep concern for the well-being of the women she encountered, Deedar’s mission has evolved into a powerful initiative to uplift and empower.

Deedar’s journey began by addressing a critical issue: the dilemma faced by women who were torn between sending their children to school and the pressing need to earn a livelihood. Recognizing the potential in the embroidery work some women were doing within the confines of their homes, Deedar took a bold step. She started buying their crafted pieces and introduced them to the city market. What started as a small venture gained momentum, leading to a partnership with Saddam Ali, a BBA student at BUITEM.

Taking on the role of a catalyst for change, Deedar Mengal is dedicated to breaking the isolation that has long been a part of these women’s lives. Her entrepreneurial vision goes beyond merely selling crafted items; it is a commitment to connecting the skilled craftswomen of Balochistan to a broader market. By doing so, she aims to provide these women with an avenue to not only showcase their traditional skills but also generate income from their craft.

Under the brand name Dock, Deedar’s enterprise showcases a range of products, including bags, shirts, waistcoats, jewelry, and more – all crafted by the talented women of Balochistan. Beyond commerce, each item sold is a celebration of Baloch culture, fostering a sense of pride and identity within Pakistan.

As Deedar Mengal continues to bridge the gap between tradition and the market, her venture serves as a beacon of hope for Baloch women, offering them a means to make a living while preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the region. Stay tuned for more updates on this inspiring journey of empowerment and entrepreneurship.

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