Bridging Nations: BOI Invites Ethiopian Investors to Pakistan Investment Summit


Strengthening diplomatic and economic ties, the Board of Investment (BOI) of Pakistan played host to a distinguished delegation from Ethiopia, led by Ambassador Redwan Hussien, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia. The high-profile meeting unfolded a strategic invitation, echoing the call for collaboration and investment between the two nations.

At the heart of the discussion was an earnest invitation extended by the Chairman of BOI to Ethiopian investors, urging their participation in the upcoming Pakistan Investment Summit. This summit, poised as a significant platform, is designed to showcase the vast investment potential that Pakistan offers, fostering cross-border partnerships for mutual economic growth.

The Chairman highlighted the summit’s pivotal role in marketing Pakistan’s investment landscape, providing a conducive environment for sectoral matchmaking, and laying the groundwork for substantial investments across various priority sectors. Notably, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Special Economic Zones (SEZs) emerged as key focal points, offering a gateway for foreign investors to tap into the burgeoning economic opportunities within Pakistan.

As the world witnesses an era of global economic interdependence, such diplomatic engagements underscore the commitment of nations like Pakistan and Ethiopia to explore avenues of collaboration. The Pakistan Investment Summit stands as a testament to this commitment, serving as a bridge for international investors to explore and contribute to the economic prosperity of both nations.

Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage of the Pakistan Investment Summit, where the convergence of diverse sectors and investment opportunities will shape the future of economic partnerships between Pakistan and Ethiopia.

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