Balochistan’s Untapped Wealth: Khuzdar Emerges as Hub of Barytes Deposi


Unlocking the geological treasures of Balochistan, the largest deposit of barytes, a mineral crucial for various industrial applications, has been unveiled near Khuzdar. With an astounding reserve exceeding 2.00 million tonnes, this discovery holds immense potential for economic development in the region.

Exploration and Development: Scientific mining and grinding operations for barytes commenced in 1976, marking the initiation of a journey to harness the rich mineral resources that Balochistan harbors beneath its rugged terrain. The strategic location of this deposit near Khuzdar positions it as a pivotal player in the mineral landscape.

Local Utilization: Nearly the entire production of barytes from this deposit finds local consumption, primarily by entities such as the Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDC) and other oil drilling enterprises. The mineral’s significance in oil drilling processes underscores its role in supporting vital sectors of the economy.

Balochistan, with its vast and diverse geological composition, continues to contribute significantly to Pakistan’s resource portfolio. The barytes deposit near Khuzdar stands as a testament to the untapped wealth waiting to be unearthed beneath the surface of this resilient province.

As Balochistan’s mineral exploration journey unfolds, the potential for economic growth and industrial development becomes increasingly promising. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the geological wonders that shape the future of Balochistan’s economic landscape.

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